Welcome to the world’s first emerging cryptocurrency , adding one more name in altcoins market, with more additional features apart from the existing technology and features of altcoin in the market.

There are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies in the market, but only 1% coins are good option for trader and miners to collect profit out of daily trade and mining operations. We have introduced a new cryptocurrency in the market that’s going to be prior choice for traders and miners as to maximize their cryptocurrency profit in the global market. Lavida coin is rich in feature with advanced blockchain technology, secure network, easy to use and highly advanced wallets.


A new trend in coinmarket focusing on best platform best platform for trade and mining.

How it works

The way to Lavida Coin is not as complex as it seems

  • Create your account with Lavida coin

    You just need your gmail account and your account will be created with no further verification and its easy and simple. You can manage your profile also.

  • Add Bitcoin and Ethereum in your Account

    Once your account has been created, you will see your Bitcoin, Lavida Coin and Ethereum wallet. Before purchasing Lavida coin you need to deposit BTC or ETH.

  • Purchase of Lavida Coin using BTC or ETH

    Lavida Coin you can purchase by using BTC or ETH, once you deposit your coin, you can add quantity of coins, it will display the value in BTC and ETH. You have LVC now.


Coin name: LAVIDA COIN
First Mint: August 2018
Abbreviation: LVC
Prefix: L
Total supply: 766,000,000
Coin Type: Mineable
Pre-mine: 153,000,000
Internal Exchange: LavidaBitEX: October 2018
External Exchange: Bittrex, Bithumb, HitBTC or Upbit: November 2018
Coinmarketcap Listing: December 2018

Total Supply


LVC Premined


Countries Added


Growing LVC Community

Available on any device

Ideal for beginners and advanced users

Lavida coin is going to become the top choice among the altcoins in the market, its not only a trading cryptocurrency but a digital technology backed by innovative blockchain, meeting demand of fast and secure transactions.

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Mobile Apps

Perfectly developed mobile apps will open you new opportunities.

Personal Wallet

Our easy-to-use personal wallet system will keep your LAVIDA COIN safe.

Recurring Buys

LAVIDA COIN allows you to set up recurring transactions in just two clicks.

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Lavida Coin future

Upcoming Innovative Projects for you

We developing an ecosystem for best cryptocurrency in the world


Merchant Gateway

Offering Blockchain payment solution of top trading cryptocurrencies for all kind of business solutions. Accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Lavida Coin globally.


Cryptocurrency Exchange

Highly advanced and innovative trading exchange where you meet worldwide buyers and sellers, multi-layer security for your wallet security having robust trading features.


Compare Profitable Coins

Designing a unique mining pool hub of cloud mining, with instant deposit and withdrawal option, top 50 trading cryptocurrencies, utilizing a remote data center with shared power.

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Upcoming Lavida coin wallet

Wallet makes using and holding LAVIDA COIN easy.

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